Jennifer Lin LeMesurier is an Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. She has previously taught at Cornish College of the Arts and the University of Washington. 

Jennifer earned a BA in Communication and Dance, an MA in English, and a PhD in English, specializing in Language and Rhetoric, from the University of Washington. Her research is published and forthcoming from Rhetoric Review, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and College Composition and Communication. Currently, she is researching a new project focused on compositional rhythm, concentrating on the nuanced intersections of bodily experience, classroom demands, and textual production. 

In her copious magnitude of spare time, Jennifer teaches and choreographs for local dance studios. She also knits. 

Rhetoric matters because rhetoric—which demands engagement with the living—is the process through which texts are not only produced but also understood to matter
— Rosa Eberly